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Taking a road trip in an electric vehicle can be a daunting prospect when it comes to planning where you’ll charge up. It’s even more challenging when you cross borders and have to charge your EV in a foreign country, but Polestar has a plan to make it easier.

According to a company announcement, Polestar has partnered with Plugsurfing, a Europe-wide electric car charging network, which brings more than 195,000 charging points to customers.

Plugsurfing’s continental chargers can all be accessed with a simple RFID key card, which is pretty standard stuff. What makes Plugsurfing unique, though, is that it bills users’ domestic bank account once a month for the electricity they’ve used. This means EV drivers can charge their car across Europe and not have to worry about localized access.

Some charging point providers require local bank accounts to process payments. For drivers that might regular cross borders this can make travel particularly challenging.

Credit: Polestar

Every new Polestar 2 delivered in Europe will be supplied with a Plugsurfing RFID tag, giving owners immediate access to the company’s charging network. Drivers will have to set up up their own Plugsurfing account, though.

Earlier this year, Jaguar also partnered with Plugsurfing to bring access to its charging network to I-Pace drivers.

Credit to The Next Web.