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Social responsibility enforces that sanitisation is required to ensure the risk is reduced during the entire repair cycle to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus amongst staff, customers, and suppliers.

It is estimated that a minimum of 3 sanitisations, amounting to at least 2 additional hours of labour time, will be required per vehicle whist performing repairs. Additionally, costs for chemicals and consumables are also required.

The official collision repairer industry bodies CRA & SAMBRA have requested all short-term insurance companies to agree and share these additional sanitisation costs.

This request was made in good faith and on the basis that the mitigation or minimizing the spread of disease is in the best interest of the general public and the responsibility should be a shared one.

To date, no positive feedback has been received from the major Insurers, and therefore, there exists a possibility that you, the public, will potentially be burdened with a portion of the additional vehicle sanitisation costs not shared by the Insurance companies.

Your view is important and matters to us. Click on the link below to voice your opinion who should pay for these additional costs.

  1. I am happy to pay an additional R400 – R800 for the additional sanitisation of my vehicle.
  2. I believe the insurance companies must pay for the additional sanitisation of my vehicle.…”

Thank you for your input.