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By Melissa Cohen

Would you have believed it if I told you that the most fuel-efficient car in SA is a Renault.

WesBank and FNB created the first Fuel Economy Tour where Renault was given the prize for the most fuel-efficient car in South Africa. The event was hosted to give drivers an accurate fuel consumption of over 40 of the most driven cars in South Africa.

The tour took place on the 16th of November 2019 and lasted a full 5 days. The 32 vehicle classes took place including Fiat, Toyota, Lexus, Ford, Nissan, Honda etc. All the participating cars were driven on a 2500km route between Johannesburg and Cape Town to test the fuel consumption.

How the Competition Was Monitored?

To monitor the progress of the cars, trackers were installed in each car. Trackers such as dash cams, interior camera’s and tracking sensors were used. To regulate the speed of the drivers they were told to stick as close to the speed limit as possible and were not allowed to deviate from the routes given.

“The objective of this event was to provide consumers with fuel consumption figures that are relevant to going on a road trip in South Africa using main roads,” said Fuel Economy Tour chief organizer Charl Wilken. Owning a car is expensive, that is why we want to give you as much information to save money as possible. You can check to see if you could be paying less for car insurance with our 5-minute car insurance comparison tool:

Most Fuel-efficient Models

Here are the top 3 winners of the tour:

  1. Renault Captur – 4.73 l/100km
  2. Toyota Aygo – 4.83 l/100km
  3. Nissan Qashqai – 4.85 l/100km

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Credit to Tech Financials.