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A look at recently released products in the automotive equipment space.

Recently released products in the automotive equipment space include a new floor jack from Snap-on;  an induction heating unit from Josam; an ADAS calibration machine from Chief; a powertrain lift from OTC; and a new GDI test machine from Delphi.

Welcome to Auto Service World’s Category Focus, looking at recent announcements from automotive aftermarket tool makers, parts manufacturers, and distributors.

GDI test unit

To aid in GDi-related repairs, the company will also showcase a working model of the new Hartridge Excalibur GDi Master test machine. Unveiled as a prototype in 2018, it’s the latest addition to its testing equipment line and Hartridge’s first testing solution for gasoline systems, which will enable garages to conduct in-depth testing on injectors in the expanding GDi market. Delphi Technologies reinforced its OE credentials in GDi systems, offering training classes and adding new GDi pumps and testing equipment to its range. The company’s aftermarket portfolio includes more than one hundred GDi pumps with import and domestic coverage ranging from 2005- 2018.

Delphi Technologies offers hands-on training courses across a variety of topics, including diagnosing and repairing fuel systems. The classes are led by senior instructors and updated to reflect the latest technologies. For example, GDi represents one of the fastest growing areas of vehicle servicing, and technicians can learn about how GDi systems work and how to repair them in the advanced fuel systems course. They can also learn from their own home or garage with the Delphi Technologies YouTube channel, with videos on how to diagnose injector misfires, parts needed for a GDi repair, combatting vapor lock, and more.

Delphi Technologies’ reputation in fuel handling and OE expertise have also helped the company to kickstart a warranty reduction campaign in the category as a whole. It offers a fuel tank cleaning kit solution as part of its educational campaign to help technicians understand the need to clean the tank to avoid comebacks due to contamination. The importance of tank cleaning has been endorsed by the Car Care Council and Motorist Assurance Program (MAP), and added to Mitchell1 and Epicor.

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Powertrain lift

OTC announced the release of the new 2,500 lb. Air/Hydraulic Powertrain Lift (1595A) to lift and handle heavy loads for technicians, reducing stress and heavy lifting on the job. The 1595A powertrain lift can handle loads up to 2,500 lbs. and can easily maneuver around a shop on its large casters. The scissor-designed powertrain lift can handle loads including heavy engine and transmission assemblies, gas tanks, drive axle assemblies, electric vehicle batteries and more. Using the new air/hydraulic foot pump, technicians can accurately lift heavy items where each needs to be on a vehicle. In addition to precise raising and lowering, the table of the lift is adaptable from independent adjusting screws, capable of tilting the table 15 degrees side-to-side or fore-and-aft, allowing full range of motion to remove or install heavy items. The lift’s large, 8” swivel casters can accommodate the load capacity with ease and allow the technician to move the lift around the shop. The 2,500 lb. Air/Hydraulic Powertrain Lift meets ASME PASE standards.

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ADAS calibration system

Chief Collision Technology, formerly known as Chief Automotive Technology, announced a partnership with Burke Porter Group to create Mosaic advanced diagnostic technology (ADT), the industry’s first-ever automated advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) calibration system. By 2022, the majority of all new vehicles on the market will have ADAS systems, such as automatic emergency braking, lane departure and blind spot monitoring. Mosaic ADT will help customers navigate the complex future of collision repair.

“We want technicians to have the confidence to make accurate and error-free ADAS recalibrations through comprehensive understanding of new vehicle technologies,” said Lee Daugherty, vice president of global collision sales for Chief Collison Technology. “As ADAS technology on vehicles is constantly changing, it was important for us when designing this product to partner with someone like the Burke Porter Group, which has spent the last 30 years developing this same technology that OEMs use for end-of-line calibrations.”

Mosaic ADT’s state-of-the-art software uses the OEM repair procedures to accurately and efficiently guide technicians through the calibration process, ensuring that the most up-to-date information is used. Unlike other aftermarket systems that rely on centering, squaring and positioning targets by manually using tape measures, plumb bobs and chalk lines, Mosaic ADT does it automatically. It also verifies that the correct target is placed in front of the vehicle by sensing which target is hung and validating it against the OEM repair procedure. That means no manual measurements or adjustments are required, reducing the risk of human error. This is a key factor in improving the accuracy of calibration, lowers the risk of liability and greatly reduces the set-up time.

“Our strategic alliance with Chief combines their preeminent position in the aftermarket collision and repair industry with our advanced engineering and manufacturing expertise in OEM ADAS calibration systems,” said David DeBoer, CEO of Burke Porter Group. “Together, we are addressing a significant unmet need for safe and reliable calibrations as ADAS systems continue to quickly penetrate the market. Mosaic ADT offers a cost-effective aftermarket solution using factory developed calibration technology to place vehicles on the road safely.”

Today’s vehicles are increasingly complex, requiring technicians with the technological expertise and training necessary to make ADAS repairs.

“When ADAS systems are damaged, recalibration is a critical part of the repair process,” added Daugherty. “That is why we require each technician using Mosaic ADT to go through specialized training and certification in order to operate the system because it is imperative for technicians to understand how to properly repair, recalibrate and test a vehicle before sending it back out on the road.”

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Induction Heating System

With over 20 years of experience, Josam is the obvious choice when it comes to an induction heating system for your shop.

“The advantages of induction heating compared with an open flame are numerous,” said David Zinkiewicz, business development manager-collision for Josam. “Using gas in the workshop is more dangerous and requires more maintenance than an induction heater. With an induction heater from JOSAM, you can minimize the risks of personal injury and damage to nearby sensitive machine parts during repair work that requires heating.”

Josam offers two powerful and efficient induction heating systems for its North American customers:

JH1500 – The JH1500 is lighter and easier to maneuver than its predecessor and with enhanced software, it still produces the same amount of power. Heat is applied directly to the material without the need to disassemble nearby heat-sensitive components. Chassis, axles, joint reinforcements, bolts, clamping rings, pins and heavier steel parts can simply be heated up for loosening, adjusting or straightening. Featuring five output levels, the JH1500 is water cooled with a compressor for optimal running time and is the perfect solution for most shops that execute demanding types of heating work.

JH1000 – Ideal for lighter straightening and loosening of coarser machine parts, such as nuts and bolts, bushings, bearings and smaller chassis parts, the JH1000 is a flexible, powerful induction heater adapted for truck and construction machinery workshops. It is designed for improved movability and has a long hose package and cables for long reach. The heating effect can be controlled through the five output levels on the control panel and efficient cooling is provided via a fan and condenser unit in a closed water cooling system.

Josam is located in Örebro, Sweden and is a trademark of Snap-on Incorporated. Ever since inventing its first frame straightening system in 1972 and its first wheel alignment system in 1974, JOSAM has been dedicated to improving its products to higher levels of speed, accuracy and user-friendliness.

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High Performance Floor Jack

Engineered to be easy-to-maneuver, yet strong and durable at its core, the Snap-on 1.75-Ton Aluminum High Performance Floor Jack (FJ175) has a higher lift capacity than most other aluminum jacks on the market. Proudly manufactured in our Elkmont, Alabama facility, the FJ175 features a low 3.4′′ height to easily fit under most vehicles with a maximum lifting height of 18′′. The jack also boasts a 3,500 lb lifting capacity.

The innovative FJ175 one-piece handle has a higher compound ratio, which offers greater lift height per handle pump stroke than most other jacks. It also includes a diamond knurling for improved handle grip.

The lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum design, features roller thrust bearings in the rear caster assemblies that allow technicians to work on heavier load capacities while a single front roller allows easy navigation through narrow, tight work areas.

In addition, the jack is equipped with a hydraulic pump assembly that features premium seals and special, high-performance oil for extreme temperatures and reduced wear. The grease fittings in the yoke and lift arm pivots make for longer wear.

Credit to Auto SERVICE WORLD.