CRA Marketing Explored – North America

On Thursday, Nick Schoolcraft, president of Pheonix Solutions Group, an Illinois-based marketing and research firm, joined David Luehr of Elite Auto Body Solutions to deliver a free webinar on marketing during business downturns–including the one caused by the coronavirus.

Schoolcraft began with a look at the mindset of customers during downturns.

“One thing that is interesting about how the customer mindsets shift in business downturns. They are looking at having stricter priorities on what they are going to spend. They are seeking out familiar brands that they trust.”

Another of the major themes covered in the seminar was the need to keep up with the new services being offered by collision facilities to suit the needs of the coronavirus era.

“If you are offering white-glove service and vehicle delivery, your customers are going to expect that service to continue after the pandemic is over.”

Early in the seminar, Schoolcraft noted how well-informed Elite Auto Body Solutions members were after a poll found that two-thirds of the viewers had increased their marketing spending during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Kudos to you guys. Cutting your marketing budget is, by no means what you do in this situation,” Schoolcraft said.  “I also hope you are thinking more and more about what type of marketing you can create to position your shop with your customers.”

The seminar, which was available to non-members for free as part of a promotion, can be watched here.

Credit to CollisionRepairmag.