by Kabous le Roux

Motoring Journalist Ciro de Siena Gives Four Quick, Instantly Implementable Tips On Getting Every 10th Tank For Free.

It’s quite easy to reduce your fuel consumption by 10%, which means every 10th tank is free.

If you manage a drop of 20% then every fifth tank is free.

Pippa Hudson asked motoring journalist Ciro de Siena for advice.

How to (easily) use 10% less fuel:

  • Service your car regularly. This will ensure it runs as efficiently as possible (all filters are clean, spark plugs are operating properly, etc.)
  • Check your wheel alignment, balancing and tyre pressure.
  • Windows up or windows down? At highway speeds – because of aerodynamics – it’s more efficient to use the air conditioner. At lower speeds, it’s better to roll down a window.
  • Keep momentum. Don’t use the brakes and accelerator too often; try to anticipate the traffic ahead.

Article Credit CapeTalk.