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The Next Generation challenger questions the appropriateness of the market leader – or even the whole category – for the times we live in today. It can elegantly position the incumbent as perfect for a time gone by, but new times call for new brands and services. The world’s changing – let’s move on, people!

It’s insurance, but not as you know it.

Naked is a new generation of car and home insurance that challenges the fundamental model and accepted convention in short-term insurance that expounds ‘company profit is dependent on claims’. That’s old thinking.

New times call for new brands and services. Naked has a completely different business model and charges a flat fee to do everything. No hidden fees, no hidden agendas; completely Naked. That means, because their income isn’t dependent on how much they pay out in claims, they have no reason to make claiming difficult.

As a Next Generation challenger brand, Naked is future-focused, creating a clear sense of discontinuity and dissonance with the way things have been done before.

To amplify this further, Naked Giveback™ ensures that in the year’s claims are lower, the surplus profit is not distributed to shareholders. Rather, it is paid to social causes that Naked clients care about.

Breaking the age-old cycle of distrust between insurers and their customers is no easy task. It demands a strong belief system and culture. A strong sense of purpose and values. This is where Naked is absolutely convincing. There is a visible connection between what Naked and its founders say and what they do. From the signup process to their brand communications, Naked remain true to their no-nonsense belief system and transparent offering.

A Next Generation challenger brand must dramatise the end of an era. It must offer consumers a brand new perspective or set of propositions and thereby, usher in a new world.

A Next Generation challenger brand also requires a deep integration of advertising, social and PR, with marketing that is culturally relevant. Their belief in their offering must transform into external propositions that are real and tangible for people.

Naked has a number of simple, smart insurance value propositions:

Digital All The Way

One can buy insurance, manage policy information, pause cover, submit claims and cancel a policy via the Naked app – all with without a single phone call.

Credit to BizCommunity.