Consistently marketing your collision repair business is important in order to ensure you reach customers before your competitors do.

In an age with such diverse marketing tactics available, it is easier than ever to have at least one marketing strategy always running. 

So what are the most effective marketing strategies for a collision repair business and what will they cost you?

For No Investment

Your employees are your first customer. Your employees have more visibility than you may think. Are they proud to work for you? Do they represent your brand in a positive way outside of your facility? Do they know your elevator pitch to sell the business in seconds? Do they provide referrals to their friends and family members who may need your services? These word-of-mouth marketing strategies may seem insignificant, but they are effective and easy to execute.

Also, do not overlook the power of social media, as this is a free marketing tool. You can easily join community groups to highlight your services, ask customers to post reviews, share special services you may have on your page or even just comment on other business’ success stories. It could help open up opportunities for them to return the favor.

For a Small Investment

If you have some budget available and want a trackable return on your investment, digital marketing will likely be the route for you. If you Google “auto body repair near me” and do not come up on the first page, how do you expect your customers to find you? Although a lot of business comes from insurance referrals, customers still have the ultimate choice, and they may decide to go with another repairer who has an online reputation that is visible and positive.  

Unlike traditional media (print, radio, television), digital marketing also allows you to make minimal investments. Whether you are boosting posts on social media or engaging in paid search campaigns, you can drive appointments to your location with these tactics.

If digital marketing seems overwhelming, there are free resources available to help educate yourself on different platforms. Google Analytics offers free training programs to help you understand their capabilities. Hootsuite, the social media dashboard, also has a free academy to learn the fundamentals of social media management.

For a Medium Investment

Consider investing in a marketing company. This will take the job duty off your shoulders, providing you with more time to invest elsewhere. If you Google “Marketing Agency Near Me”, there will be hundreds of options available to you.

Do not underestimate the power of local engagement as well. Only you know what sponsorships, charities and causes are important to your community, so this will likely have to remain in-house. Being present at key events, networking for a charitable cause and taking time to give back are all crucial in making cause marketing effective.

For a Large Investment

Traditional media is notoriously expensive. However, if you are ready to make a large investment, this option is always available. Best reserved for promotions or special deals, these campaigns can be effective in raising overall brand awareness if messaging resonates with your audience. One way to gauge its success is by tracking sales during this time, as you will want to see if there is an increase.

An important caveat for collision repair is that the average person only gets into an accident a few times in their lives. Therefore, although viewers may see your ads and it can be effective in driving brand awareness, they likely will not need your service at that time and may forget about you when they actually do. This is why it may be more effective to double down on your digital spend. People searching for collision repair online are likely in need of your services, so it is vital that your brand is visible during that search phase in order to help drive your sales.

Original Article by CARSTAR