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Specialist Consulting Services & Digital Marketing Solutions

Work Cnr Penzance Street & St Michael Street New Redruth Alberton Gauteng 1449 South Africa Cell Phone: 0824651380 Website:



We Specialise in Tailored Digital Marketing Solutions for Our Clients.

  • Do you want to have enough leads to pick and choose from to convert into, high quality, paying clients?
  • Do you want to operate at your full capacity and maximize your profits?
  • Do you want to get all-year round bookings and solve your cash-flow problems forever?
  • Do you want to access and build a client data base of high value clients that’s a cash generating machine?

We can help you get 40 – 50 high quality, Ideal Client Leads every month, without you running the marketing campaigns yourself plus you retain full control over your marketing budget.

Ask yourself, what would this do for your business?

We do a FREE digital marketing Consult Session to assess how we can help you grow your business.

Some of the things we will discuss in your consult session:

  • Part of our Free consult session is a Digital Asset Audit of your online assets including social media profiles & your website. We will give you feedback on how to improve your online presence and convert your digital assets into sales magnets and money makers.
  • Get a better understanding of your specific business, that is to say how you do business.
  • Assess your specific needs and map that to our ability to deliver the targeted results for your business.
  • Identify the best digital marketing platforms for your business.
  • Share some of our proven methodologies and ideas to find and attract your ideal client online.
  • Develop a high-level digital marketing framework for your business.

Take the first step and apply for your FREE Digital Marketing Consult Session.

Frustrated with the LACK of quality leads and new clients in your business? 

You keep on spending money on advertising and get no Return On Investment! We can help you. Remember new clients mean higher profits.

We use proven digital marketing strategies and best in practice platforms to create a predictable traffic generating machine for you.

You have the power to change your business and unlock your true potential. Take advantage of this opportunity and start growing your business today!

How We Find You More Clients

  • Using our unique formula, we analyse your business to determine the best social media platform for you.
  • Exclusivity is assured as we only work with ONE local company per area.
  • Set up targeted campaigns to generate new leads for your sales team.
  • Potential clients are pre-qualified and an appointment set up with your sales team.
  • We ensure that you have the best chance of securing the new client, resulting in the highest possible ROI.
  • We help you optimise your online presence and turn your digital assets into sales magnets.
  • No changes are needed to your business – other than ensuring that you have the infrastructure to cope with a lot more sales leads than you’ve been getting in the past!

Why Do People Buy From You?

People buy from you because they know you, like you and trust you.

Our targeted advertising campaigns:

  •  Focus on building the know, like and trust factor with your potential clients.
  •  Sell to warm audiences which means a much higher conversion rate.
  •  Use your online presence & activities to generate quality leads and sales.
  •  Create an omni-presence of your brand through re-marketing.
  •  Stay top of mind with your clients.

Our Focus

Unlike most social media agencies who focus on generic marketing, we specialise in one thing and one thing only – finding our clients more leads and customers. Our approach is unique and different in that we believe in:

  •  Measurable return on investment on your advertising spend.
  •  Our lead generating campaigns are highly focused, directly measurable, trackable and very profitable.
  • ​We are result focused.


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Cnr Penzance Street & St Michael Street New Redruth Alberton Gauteng 1449 South Africa

Business Reviews

Klopper Jonker Inc.

Johan van Rensburg from assisted our Company in firstly creating awareness of the power of Facebook in marketing to a specific audience, and secondly in assisting us in designing a strategy to advertise and promote our business on the platform. Johan’s dedication to the process was exemplary, and he certainly did go the extra mile in also performing industry specific research to assist us in compiling a marketing strategy to be deployed in our business. We would certainly recommend to any prospective business. Sincerely, W.D. van Wyk (B-Proc. LLB) (A A ARB), Director, Attorney, Conveyancer & Notary Public, Associate Member of the Association of Arbitrators (Southern Africa) NPC.

Defensive Training Concepts

I would just like to thank Johan from, for all the work he did on our Facebook social media page. We received a significant increase in Page Likes and sold more courses than we usually do. I would have no problem recommending his services to any other company who wishes to expand their social media footprint. Tyron Botha

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