Collision Repairers Association of South Africa (CRA) is focussed on providing the following real benefits and results to all our Members:

  • Improved procurement practices;
  • Transparent relationships with fair trade terms and conditions and in most instances guaranteed labour rates at sustainable levels;
  • Auto escalation of labour rates effective in September each year, based on MIBCO agreed rates without the individual businesses needing to apply for increases;
  • Assuring potential clients of our members’ capability, credibility and qualification through an annual grading system to maintain the highest service delivery standards;
  • Maintaining an internet-based online Member Directory to confirm full history of compliance from SARS through MIBCO, health and safety compliance etc. To this end Mazda has confirmed our members’ capability and provides CRA members of Approved Repairer status;
  • The online Member Directory on the CRA website can be used to showcase your business including photos, certifications etc. Visitors can search per name, per region, town, city or OEM accreditation for an approved Member and get detailed directions via Google Maps;
  • We employ specialist consultants and perform periodic training on industry relevant subjects and support criteria such as BB-BEE, OHS compliance, Abuntex optimisation, operational, financial management, marketing and more;
  • We have access to labour consultants who are experienced in ensuring proper compliance with regards to employee contracts and disciplinary procedures;
  • Our membership is extended to equipment and service-related suppliers. These include but not limited to paint suppliers, a BB-BEE accreditation agency, an authorised health and safety compliance consultant, quoting and business management software suppliers and high-end workshop equipment suppliers. You get better service, support and preferential rates through association;
  • Through our supplier network we provide access to associate labour consultants at preferential rates to take your case to the CCMA if so required;
  • We provide customer and supplier dispute resolution;
  • As a CRA Member, you have access to the exclusive Facebook CRASA-Members Group where you can collaborate, participate and share ideas with like minded industry players. Through the Facebook CRASA-Members Group you will also gain access to the exclusive Member content.

Interested in becoming a member? Click here to  sign up or click on the “Member Sign Up button on the left. You will be contacted shortly by one of our Customer Liaison Officers (CLO) who will meet with you to explain the membership process and assist you with becoming a CRA Member.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for an in depth discussion or more information.

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