Collision Repairers Association of South Africa (CRA) was registered in late 2013 and we are proud to have delivered real benefits to participants within the accident damaged autobody repairs industry in the short time since our inception.

Our passion and dedication have seen us evolve into the voice of the autobody collision industry in South Africa. This role has grown and expanded to provide valuable subject related information to road users, motorists and the general public. One of our goals is to create brand awareness and ensure that CRA becomes a household name.

Our major achievements relate to transparent relationships with key industry players resulting in fair trade terms and conditions, ensuring high levels of service delivery to clients, and quality through standards. Our industry first achievements are based on passion and timeous reaction to unfair practices and ultimately the protection of the interests and rights of the Consumer and our Members.

The CRA team comprises of industry experts and world class members who serve and service the Autobody Repairers Industry. Our combined team and work efforts are to ensure safety through standards.

Our mission is to enforce a code of conduct that covers consumer protection, work force motivation, job security and ultimately peace of mind to business owners resulting in a transparent and beneficial return on investment.

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