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By Alexa Dagostino

3 Ways to get back to basics for massive growth, lead with these fundamental marketing tips if you really want to scale your company.


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Like the three-word phrase “I love you” or the smell of fresh-baked apple pie, some things are comfortingly familiar and simply don’t change. This holds true when it comes to marketing too; success relies on sweet fundamentals that should remain the same. Once set in place, all additional marketing efforts spring forth naturally. It’s easy to lose sight of the basics with so many marketing trends on the rise. But with 2022 upon us, and more businesses popping up, staying competitive by getting back to the basics is paramount.

There were 5.4 million applications to start new businesses in 2021 compared to the already record-breaking 4.4 million in 2020. On the flip side, the failure rate of new startups was around 90%. That number is alarming, and more importantly, it’s sad to see so many visions failing. No one starts out expecting to fail, especially when it could have been prevented. One of the major reasons reported for lack of success is ineffective marketing — an area that is vital and must be addressed.

There are so many new and hot marketing trends on the rise. Unfortunately, some of those trends have fizzled out, and without a good foundation, many businesses didn’t have a place to bounce back to.  Therefore, the marketing is deemed ineffective. This causes a lack of revenue from a low generation of leads. It’s no wonder new businesses are eager to ensure that they start off on the right foot in an effort to not be in the pool of businesses that didn’t make it.

Here are some must-have basic marketing tips to incorporate into your strategy in 2022.



1. Have the right messaging

Brand messaging is a beautiful bouquet of all of your touchpoints that causes a long-term relationship to stay in bloom with your audience. We’ve all heard the phrase “perception is reality.” In marketing, this couldn’t be more true. The more you can relate to your buyers, the more your company becomes a recurring thought resulting in purchasing action. For some, it takes obtaining a reputable PR firm to help build a compelling story. An expert can ensure your message relates to your target audience. Once the right messaging is crafted, it should be cohesive throughout all social-media sites, your website, email marketing and the media. It’s also good to revisit your messaging yearly. Companies evolve; the world is changing too, and brands must keep up.


2. Have the right offer 

Believing that you have a great product or service to present to the world is one thing, but crafting the right offer to fit your audience is a totally different beast. It must be precise and compelling enough to spur immediate action. Let’s face it, if people aren’t convinced to buy what you’re selling, your business won’t survive. The offer is simply the gateway to a thriving company. Whether you’re offering a free e-book to get contact information or a discounted service, it must be of high quality — something your audience will truly find valuable and desirable. Also, always be sure that your offer has a call to action and is positioned clearly for your buyers to see. It should never be left without answered questions. It’s crucial to provide the information customers need in a clever way. If not, they’ll move to another business that does. A well-stated offer targets the right audience and shows potential customers that you are focused on their needs and wants.



3. Have a high-functioning onboarding system

Keeping clients is just as valuable as getting them.  That’s why it’s imperative to ensure there is a high-functioning onboarding system in place that provides an avenue for retention. Part of the system should include strategic ways to collect as much data from the customer as possible. This will allow for soft touches with emails, mailers or even happy birthday coupons. People buy people and not products or services. Therefore, they want a personal touch, and the initial process matters. Once a relationship is built and maintained, your buyers will share it with their friends and family. In return, your audience of loyal fans increases — and so will your bottom dollar.

Entrepreneurship is rewarding! Sitting back and taking pride in a successful business is a beautiful feeling. So many startups are not making it past their initial stages, but that does not have to be your story. Starting with a proven marketing strategy will put you a step ahead of the game. Just remember that you don’t have to do it alone. There are a variety of reputable PR agencies that can help. It’s an investment that will continue yielding results.

It’s a rewarding feeling to have your marketing built on a strong foundation. The messaging, the offer and the client-onboarding system are all important — the key elements for success. Of course, new trends will continue to emerge, but make sure they are the right fit for your strategy and that you haven’t skated past the marketing necessities.


Image:  Photo by Alena Darmel from Pexels



Article Credit to Entrepreneur.


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