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Enhance your operation through glue pull repair as an alternative to traditional repair techniques. With Glue Pull Repair (GPR) gaining popularity in the collision repair industry, more and more tool manufacturers are taking note and developing a GPR solution to add to their product lines.


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Many of the industry’s most well-known name brands are now offering some sort of GPR kit to repair damage in the least invasive ways possible.

At Keco, glue pull repair is their business, and your passion for the automotive industry is what drives them. If your auto body shop is looking for the least invasive repair method, Keco is a company that manufactures, distributes, and trains GPR equipment for your team. With nearly six decades of manufacturing expertise, unrivaled post-purchase support, and in- house advanced training options, Keco ensures your success and stands by your pursuit of the highest quality repair for your customers.


A repair technician using glue pull repair techniques and tools to repair a dent in a vehicle



Keco is based in Oklahoma City, Okla., and is where their products are proudly designed and distributed. The domestic operation guarantees fast and e ective support for you if you are in the USA—and Keco’s locations in the United Kingdom and Canada operate as extensions of their headquarters to serve you if you are an international auto body professional. Glue pull repair will enhance your operation, provide you and your technicians with an invaluable skill set, and enable your team to return vehicles to your customer without future risks of corrosion or a potential buy-back scenario due to improper repair. Keco systems come with a 90-day money back guarantee, a free 1-hour virtual session with a Keco technician to get over the initial learning curve, various length financing options with six months interest free, and a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty on Centipede tabs, SuperTabs, and pulling tools.


A glue pull repair work station



There are two primary systems that Keco offers for professional auto body shops and technicians. The first is the Level 1 Glue Pull Repair System and the second is the Level 2 Glue Pull Repair System. The di erence between these systems is highlighted with what Keco frames as the Repair Continuum. Starting with big smashes, as technicians move up the continuum, large damage becomes smaller and smaller until a true metal- finished result is achieved.

The Keco Level 2 Collision Glue Pull Repair System is a comprehensive piece of equipment that provides you with the ability to fix everything from big smashes to door dings and everything in-between. This is made possible through a unique and vast selection of tabs (120+ different sizes/shapes) coupled with pulling devices that work in perfect unison with the various tab shapes to pull only the damage that you intend and nothing more. This level of precision and finesse is truly unique to the Keco system. The Level 2 system includes a U-Bolt to pull tabs with your hydraulic post or ratchet strap, two bridge lifter sizes, two slide hammer sizes, a leverage bar, a Robo lifter (arguably one of the most sought-after small damage lifters amongst technicians today), and a massive assortment of tabs to fit any dent size or shape you are repairing. The system is also the only option available to you that comes with a 36” light required for the most precise small damage repairs, and handy for estimating the totality of all types of damage. You will also receive various accessories for edge corrections and a full assortment of knock- downs, including a body hammer and a blending hammer.



Article Credit to Ultimate Repair Shop.


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