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The bulletproof Ford Ranger Raptor is now available to order through the Pretoria-based armoured car experts, SVI Engineering.


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SVI Engineering, is now offering an armouring package for the popular Ford Ranger Raptor.

OEM-approved and available to order from any Ford dealership in SA, this custom B4-spec solution offers bullet-resistant protection against handguns up to a .44 Magnum. Also capable of shrugging off thrown projectiles such as bricks, it consists of 18-21mm armoured glass in combination with Kevlar sheets for the body. It is discreet and – tipping the scales at a rather feathery 280kg – also lightweight, with minimal impact on vehicle acceleration, speed, fuel consumption or dynamic performance.

According to SVI Engineering, the build time for the B4 Ford Ranger Raptor armouring package is 10 weeks, while pricing comes in at R454,271 excluding VAT. The standard Ford warranty and service plan is not affected by the modification. Upon fitment, customers will receive a one year/50,000km SVI Engineering warranty on the armouring components.


Main Image: The B4 armour package offers bullet-resistant protection against handguns up to a .44 Magnum. Image: Supplied


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Article Credit to Times LIVE Motoring.


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