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Here are 6 tips for attracting more business from networking groups through the crafting a “verbal business card”. At the ATI SuperConference, hundreds of shop operators met with ATI coaches for roundtable discussions. At one of those classes, ATI coach Eric Twiggs presented these tips to the delegates.


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Here are six quick tips pulled from the presentation that he says you should implement when out trying to promote your business through area networking groups:

  1. Have a give first mentality. When talking to other business owners, think about how you can help them find customers. In return, they’re likely to promote your business.
  2. Do your homework. You should have the details of your top three competitors and know what makes you different from your competition so you can articulate it when networking.
  3. Brag about your shop. Don’t be afraid to play up why you’re a worthy option. Here are some examples that can make your shop stand apart from the crowd:
    • An impressive warranty
    • Highly qualified service advisors and master techs
    • OEM certifications
    • Available financing
  4. Use the 30/70 Rule. Talk about the services you offer 30 percent of the time, and the benefits those services offer 70 percent of the time. To help with that, follow up your services with a sentence that starts with, “For you this means…” and then communicate the benefit.
  5. Be a problem solver. Here’s what it should sound like:
    • Lead with the problem you solve
    • Follow it up with the formula: “We + The Problem we solve” in 7-10 words
  6. Ask power questions. When networking, ask something like, “What is your biggest frustration when it comes to having your vehicle serviced?” Then follow your power question with a power statement. Repeat their answer to your power question and show how you can help solve that problem.



Article Credit to FenderBender.


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