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Washington, D.C. – An active voice in the debate surrounding vehicle data rights, the CAR Coalition, a U.S.-based lobbying group advocating for “Right to Repair” legislation for collision repairers, has released their organization’s Call-to-Action, announced in a press release from Tuesday.

The CAR Coalition released a video where they outlined their call on government to draft consumer-minded legislation that aligns with the organization’s four key principles of “safety first, empower consumer choices, foster industry competition and keep consumer costs low.”

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An excerpt from the video states that “When a vehicle needs to be serviced or is damaged, the repair process is personal for the owner. It can also be overwhelmingly expensive. This is why it is so important that consumers have options when it comes to vehicle maintenance and repair. The auto manufacturers should not dictate how, when, or where a vehicle is repaired – the vehicle owner should. In today’s advanced world, the how, when, and where comes in the form of data. What’s more, vehicle owners should be in control of any data their vehicle produces. This will ensure they have the ability to take their vehicle to the repair shop of their choice and not be limited to manufacturer-only repairs.”

In existence for less than a year so far, the CAR Coalition has quickly become a leading voice in the debate around repair rights and vehicle data.

Article Credit to Collision Repair Magazine.

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