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General Motors Customer Care and Aftersales has taken the next step in its global rebranding initiative with the launch of a new marketing campaign, designed to strengthen GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco brands. 

“This marketing campaign is the next step in our journey to drive a focused, disciplined strategy for GM’s maintenance and repair parts brands,” said John Roth, GM global vice president, Customer Care and Aftersales. “Based around certainty, the campaign highlights the authenticity and customer benefits that only brands with parts designed and backed by GM can provide.”

The initiative incorporates a clear global market and reinforces the importance of using original equipment parts. The rebranding is the result of extensive global research to help ensure a consistent brand image, no matter the product or location. With the initiative’s launch came a bold new packaging design that began arriving in North America last fall and will begin to roll out globally later this year. 

The “Certainty Starts Here,” campaign defines why GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco are the clear choices for the maintenance and repair of customers’ vehicles. Core to the campaign is a series of six videos, each dedicated to a specific parts category: maintenance, repair, powertrain, collision, original equipment and aftermarket.  

“This is a transformative moment for our team as the rebranding initiative coincides with the recent announcement of GM’s new brand identity, EV and AV initiatives,” said Roth. “In concert with the new direction of our company, we will amplify our long-term vision for Customer Care and Aftersales with service and parts solutions to meet the needs of our evolving vehicle platforms. Our integration plan is well underway and will begin to take shape in the market later this year.”To learn more about the global parts campaign and the importance of choosing original equipment parts that are designed, engineered, tested and backed by GM, visit or

Article Credit to Collision Repair Magazine.

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