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Ajax, Ontario – Audi has released a free collision guide, featuring comprehensive visual guides and tips to follow the OEM’s repair procedures.

Chris Woods, technical director for Leons Auto Body, a facility in North York, Ont., said the documents in the manual are full of detailed visuals that can not only benefit collision centres but also insurance companies.

“The documents give a great illustration and are easy to understand, other manufacturers have similar [OEM] manuals but are not as informative as Audi. I enjoy using these, well-illustrated guides to educate my apprentices for their growth,” said Woods.

The collision manual has six sections, starting with an overview and the benefits gained, and then it discusses the enrollment and implementation process to get officially OEM certified by Audi.

One section in the manual discusses the standards for Audi authorized collision repair facilities and provides clear guidelines that will help ensure optimum performance and customer satisfaction.

At the end of the manual, it discusses training and equipment requirements that meet Audi standards.

Audi of America Inc. has contracted Axalta Coating System to help be a facilitator for the program, as Axalta is Audi’s original equipment paint supplier, and the facility must use an Audi-approved paint brand. Their strategic alliance will ensure that our authorized collision repair facilities provide high-quality and reliable services that meet Audi standards.

To view Audi’s free collision guide, click here.

Article Credit to Collision Repair Magazine.