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By Gerhard Papenfus

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The President confirmed that the TERS benefits, for eligible employees, will be extended to 15 October 2020 and will not be suspended with effect from 15 September 2020 as previously indicated by the Minister of Employment and Labour.

It is our view that the Department of Employment and Labour will, in any event, be obligated to pay TERS benefits up to 15 December 2020 as a result of the extension of the National State of Disaster.

Please see NEASA’s open letter to the Minister of Employment and Labour dated 10 November 2020 in this regard.

The Department of Employment and Labour, apparently, does not share our view in this regard although NEASA’s view is clearly supported by the appropriate regulations.

In view of Government’s approach in this regard, specifically their reluctance to commit to the payment of TERS benefits until the end of the State of Disaster, employers need to be cautious in advancing TERS benefits (in respect of employees who still cannot report for duty as a result of Covid-19 OHS regulations) until clarity has been obtained from Government.

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