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MESA, Ariz. ATLIS Motor Vehicles (AMV), a start-up mobility technology company developing an electric work truck, and the batteries and motors to drive it, has filed six new provisional patents for protection of key technology related to its 100% electric XP vehicle platform and XT pickup truck. The new patent applications cover battery tab design, distributed control of vehicle systems, and use cases involving digital mirrors, route planning, configuration of the XP Platform, and towing intelligence.

Previously, AMV submitted for patent protection across its proprietary battery cell, battery thermal management technology, charging technology, modular platform, and various vehicle systems. The six new patent applications bring the total to 16.

AMV is developing the XT pickup to meet the size, refueling, towing and payload capabilities of legacy diesel-powered vehicles and the XP platform, or “skateboard”, which is the base for the pickup and a stand-alone medium to heavy-duty electric platform. The company’s proprietary battery technology, electric motors, and a modular system architecture will create a high capacity, high output, fast-charging work truck.

“Traditional automakers are dependent on their suppliers, sourcing much of the same off-the-shelf-technology as their competitors,” said Mark Hanchett, CEO of ATLIS Motor Vehicles. “We are taking a vertically integrated approach, developing all technology in-house to create a vehicle that meets specific customer needs. We innovate with purpose and our strong IP portfolio is a huge differentiator.”

AMV’s six new pending patents include:

Battery Tabs, Terminal Position, Interlocking Cells – An interlocking terminal design eliminates the need for conductors to be welded between cells to create a completed circuit.

Methods and Apparatus for Controlling Camera Field-of-Views – This technology allows for autonomous and manual control of camera mirror positions. Cameras for autonomous vehicle applications and digital mirrors may be adjusted based on vehicle’s operating conditions, including the attachment of a trailer or payload in the back of a vehicle.

Methods and Apparatus for Distributed Control of Vehicle Systems – Distributed body and vehicle control modules with multiple functions can operate independently. Distributed control modules can also recover and operate peripheral functions that may have been negatively impacted by a second control module which is in error. This will significantly decrease costs of vehicle development, maintenance, and manufacturing, correlating to decreased costs for the end customer.

Methods and Apparatus for Component Behavior Based on Vehicle Type – Vehicle component behavior changes based on vehicle type, payload, and trailer loads. Vehicle components, such as steering, traction motors, suspension, and stabilizer systems, automatically adjust based on vehicle performance as well as new vehicle configurations.

Methods and Apparatus for Electric Vehicle Route Planning – This is a learning system which continuously updates performance evaluations and data to better plan travel routes. Vehicle routing and planning can be negatively impacted by trailering and payload. While vehicle route planning may adjust dynamically, the vehicle will route travel plans based on previously stored information related to payload or trailer towing experiences.

Methods and Apparatus for Vehicles and/or Trailers – Utilization of automated trailer identification, both physical as well as visual through optical recognition systems to identify a trailer and adjust vehicle dynamics based on automatic identification solution. This includes accessing a database of information related to specific models of towed vehicle solutions which can be referenced by vehicle through connected services to better configure the vehicle for optimum performance.

All AMV technology is being designed, developed, and produced in Mesa, Arizona. More information can be found by visiting the ATLIS website at

About ATLIS Motor Vehicles

ATLIS is a mobility technology company developing products that will power work. They are building an electric vehicle technology platform for heavy and light duty work trucks used in agriculture, service, utility, and construction industries. In order to meet the towing and payload capabilities of legacy diesel-powered vehicles, ATLIS is developing proprietary battery technology and a modular system architecture capable of scaling to meet the specific vehicle needs.

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