CRA Business Marketing Explored – USA 

By Mark Haagen 

Online reputation management is an important aspect of internet marketing for local business owners. Even when promoting a business to a local market, customers and potential customers search online for information. What they see about a business online affects whether they choose to do business with it.

Get free advertising for your local business

Managing an online reputation is essential for all local businesses. For example, local doctors and dentists may take years to build up a practice but a negative online reputation can quickly destroy it. A good reputation online acts like free advertising for a local business.

Taking proactive steps to manage and enhance your reputation can be time-consuming and for some small local businesses, it’s almost impossible. has considerable experience in online reputation management and will ensure that your online reputation is the best it can be.

Positive reviews act like “word of mouth”

Customers search online for local businesses and read online reviews about them that they trust as much as personal recommendations from family and friends. This is why listings on sites for online reviews are so important for local businesses. Local advertising may work for some brands but traditional forms of advertising like print-based leaflets mostly land up in the trash.

Listings on sites for online reviews can effectively drive consumers to local businesses. Customers frequently use sites like Google Reviews, Yelp or ScamAlert to research businesses before they engage with them. Reviews are especially important for walk-in local businesses, such as restaurants, salons and dental clinics.

Don’t ignore negative reviews

Actively monitoring your online reputation will ensure that you don’t stumble across negative online reviews that have already caused damage. If any negative reviews are handled promptly and in the right way, they are unlikely to significantly affect your reputation.

It is important to respond promptly to a negative review by reaching out to the customer in a pleasant, professional way. Few businesses have a perfect rating online and it is difficult to please everyone all the time.

However, neglecting online reviews and brand mentions can start to put your reputation at risk. For example, if a local legal practice is accused of fraud and it doesn’t respond to the allegations, existing clients may take their business elsewhere and new clients will avoid it.

Get an edge over large businesses 

A positive reputation can give a small, local business an edge over large businesses in the area. Customers will support a local business that they know offers personalized attention and excellent service.

When customers are happy doing business with a local business, they will tend to leave positive reviews on listing sites which can improve a local business’s brand image and draw more prospective customers to it.

Positive online reviews can also help a local dental practice or other local business get more qualified traffic and leads through the Google search results pages. More leads means more prospects and more revenue.

Respond to brand mentions and queries

With so much activity on social media channels, there is a good chance people will talk about your local business. You need to know when your brand is being mentioned and respond to what people are saying or questions they are asking.

When customers constantly review your local business positively online, this boosts your reputation and can lead to you being recognized as an authority in your field. This is particularly helpful for professionals, like dentists, doctors and lawyers when being recognized as an authority can impact their bottom line.

Article Credit to My San Antorio.