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Teamology a digital marketing and digital PR company explains how to use Instagram for business.

In 2010, a global app was launched with an idea to allow people to share photographs online. Back then no one knew that this app will change the course of action for small businesses. Yes! You heard it right Instagram is not limited to just photo sharing it has become a marketing tool for the business owners. In-fact there are a lot of things that are happening on Instagram these days such as Motivation talks, expert advice etc. The Teamology team knows the importance of digital marketing at low cost and thus we conducted a deep research to see what miracles Instagram Followers from Famoid can do to uplift small businesses.

The result of the research by the Teamology shows that there are a lot of things Instagram can do these days ranging from client engaging, to digital marketing. In this article, we will try to explain things from the perspective of a digital marketing company on how Instagram is a one stop solution for your business.

5 Best Ways To Use Instagram For Small Businesses

1.  Get a Cool Insta Bio

Insta Bio are the best way to connect your business to common people these days. The more catchy and creative your bio the more people will flock towards your account. Hence, the first step according to Teamology is to create a unique and quirky Insta bio that reflects and summarises your business in a nut shell.

2.  Instagram Stories

The Instagram stories is the perfect tool to showcase your products in the form of videos and images for a duration of 24 hours. These are the perfect way to engage consumers with your business, so beef up and create insta stories for yourself. These stories can be used to make announcements, giveaway results, latest collaborations and hashtags.

3.  Hashtags

This world is now operating on Hashtags, every hot topic has now turning a hashtag. Teamology says that Hashtags is the best way to make your followers find you. The Hashtags should be in alignment with the products you deal with. You can also do a deep research on google regarding the trending topics related to the industry.

4.  Collaborations

Collaborations is the popular way to be famous on Instagram these days. For this Teamology recommends you to first zero upon an influencer you wish to work with and then contact the same. Once the deal is done, you can collab with the person concerned to showcase your most popular and famous products. Just remember one thing that that the influencer should have a huge popularity such that your brand outreach is maximum.

5.  Host Giveaways

“Giveaways” these are like short contests which Instagram influencers and businesses personels host and the winners get customised products as give away gifts by them. These contests have basically any question related to the person/business concerned. The selection is made by top people giving the answer. This is a perfect way to spread a word about your brand to populations.

So, you see Instagram can be used as the best marketing tool for creating your brand presence in the minds of the people.

Article Credit to Forbes India.