CRA Market News – Canada

Ottawa, Ontario – The Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (APMA) has announced the winning design for Project Arrow, the national zero-emission concept vehicle competition announced at CES earlier this year.

A team from Carleton University’s School of Industrial Design and their concept design, “Traction,” was honoured with the announcement on Tuesday. 

The group of students managed to beat out eight other teams with the aim to design a full-build, zero-emission concept vehicle “that will showcase what Canada’s world-class automotive supply sector, its auto-tech SMEs and academic institutions can do on the global stage if we work together,” according to the press release from APMA.

“We feel privileged to be making our mark on the growing Canadian auto industry while playing our part in pushing towards a zero-emissions future. We designed this vehicle to represent what Canada is all about and can’t wait to see it on our roads someday,” said Kaj Hallgrimsson, on behalf of his colleagues, Jun-Won Kim, Mina Morcos and Matthew Schuetz from Carleton University.

The APMA echoed a similar sentiment, expressing hope that this initiative may spark continued innovation in the world of zero-emission transportation in Canada.

“With this design, the team from Carleton University has given a face to the name of Project Arrow that one day we hope will launch a thousand shifts,” said APMA president Flavio Volpe.

The rollout of Project Arrow’s “Traction” vehicle model will be carried out in four phases.

Phase 1 was the competition and selection of the winning design. Phase 2 will take place over this fall and will see the release of the vehicle’s engineering specifications. Phase 3 will involve a virtual concept unveiling at some point in 2021. Finally, Phase 4 will be the release and touring of a concept car design in 2022.

More information can be found at Project Arrow’s website.

Credit to Collision Repair Magazine.