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CRA Business Marketing Explored – USA  

By Danny Star

Danny Star, CEO and Founder of Website Depot Digital Marketing Agency, has helped hundreds of small businesses grow and expand. 

Years ago, we started a digital marketing agency called Website Depot. “We” is a strong word, as it was barely a “we.” A couple of other people and I started the company in an office that was roughly the size of a large cubicle. Since then, the company has grown.

Today, it’s grown so much bigger than we could’ve imagined then, as inclusion in Inc.’s “5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America” shows. So much has changed since then (beyond just the size of the office, of course).

However, there are some things that haven’t changed. Using our core ideals as our foundation has enabled us to always continue improving and growing, even during the most challenging times. Based on our experience, this has served us well and could guide your agency through its growth.

There’s Always Something You Can Do

Feeling “backed into a corner,” feeling like “there’s nothing you can do,” is common in business. When your company is negatively affected by events outside of your control, it can seem like you have no choices or even autonomy. It is not altogether uncommon to feel like there’s nothing you can do but give up immediately or go out of business eventually. However, that’s almost never really the case. Indeed, my company was born out of similar circumstances.

Years ago, the Great Recession negatively affected nearly every business. Mine was no exception. It felt like I had lost everything and I was out of options. But, even in those incredibly challenging times, I wasn’t. It was then that I had started a digital marketing agency. The company came about for many reasons, one of the most important being that doing nothing was not an option.

That’s not to say my business rocketed to success immediately, but it showed definitively that taking proactive action, even in some small way, beats doing nothing.

That’s true for businesses today, too. As of this writing, the pandemic is as grave a threat to businesses as the recession ever was, if not more so.

That said, the companies that have survived (to say nothing of the ones that put themselves in the best position to thrive) were able to do so because they adapted. They didn’t just hope that things would get better, nor did they just keep doing what they were doing, believing that things would turn around.

Judging from our own clients, the ones that did the best took some positive action. Any proactive step a company takes has to come from their core, from who they are. The company that’s just trying a bunch of things to see what works or chasing trends is the same as the company that isn’t doing anything at all.

Taking action based on your core ideals, even when times are dark, will always serve your company well. That’s true of small steps and large ones as well.

Master New Marketing But Do Not Forget The Old

Since we started, the digital marketing landscape has changed. From social media to HubSpot, Google Ads to bots and everything else, online marketing has thoroughly evolved. Mastering these new tools and using them properly for our clients is a major part of our job. Our clients have to do their work, and it’s our job to utilize all of these tools to connect to more people.

However, just because one kind of marketing has risen to prominence, that doesn’t mean that all others have been rendered entirely obsolete. Yes, new forms of marketing will have new ways of reaching people. However, possibly “outdated” forms of marketing will still reach people, too.

For all of the success that we’ve had with digital marketing, we’ve also had incredible success with email marketing, offline marketing and more. What might now be considered “old” can usually be fitted into a new strategy or experience. After all, what is a podcast but the next step in the evolution of the radio show? What used to look great on a billboard or in a brochure now makes for a great video or GIF.

Nothing is ever truly obsolete. Rather, it’s just waiting to be optimized.

The above are some of the tips that have guided us to the point. They’ll continue to guide us going forward, too.

Article Credit to Forbes.