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Toronto, Ontario — With new technology being invented every day the automotive aftermarket risks future growth. 

Organizers of the 2020 Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Associations (AASA) Technology Conference say they have invited the brightest minds in aftermarket business technology.

“With new vehicle technologies come lots of new and changing customer expectations. The automotive aftermarket will need to keep up in order to keep growing and remain competitive,” said Dr. Alison Burham, vice president of data science at RepairSmith. “I’m looking forward to joining a great panel at the AASA Technology Conference to dive into this crucial topic,” she continued. 

Burham will be one of the scheduled panellists at this year’s annual AASA Technology Conference starting Sept 28-30. 

But–unlike the previous years, this three-day conference will be held virtually. 

Panellists will be sharing a virtual stage with executives from Otonomo and Pitstop, as well as a panel of industry experts who will discuss how to adapt to new vehicle technology. 

This year’s topics include: 

  • Must-Follow Technologies for the Aftermarket
  • Member Spotlight: A Case-Study
  • Customer Spotlight: Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance
  • Where Vehicle Technologies and Aftermarket Business Processes Intersect Fleet Management: The Next Generation of Servicing Passenger Vehicles
  • Can the OES Channel Learn from the Independent Aftermarket?
  • Cybercrimes: The First Step to Better Defensives
  • Heavy Duty and E-Commerce: Connecting the Dots

Sandeep Kar, chief strategy officer at Fleet Complete will hold a session about the future of mobility. Kar will discuss his insights on how changing vehicle ownership and economies of scale are driving an expansion of fleet performance and maintenance. 

“The era of ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft is forcing a major shift in vehicle ownership trends, and that will continue to drive an increase in fleet management,” said Sandeep. “The aftermarket must remain prepared for these trends by embracing the full suite of advanced technologies available.

Some of the latest aftermarket trends include business processes, IT, part data, vehicle data and much more. 

You can see more information about the 2020 AASA Technology Conference here

Article Credit to Collision Repair Magazine.