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Marketing your small business on Social Media is key to becoming successful. In this article we will discuss why small businesses need social media and tips and tricks to market your business. Lastly, we will discuss the difference between advertising and marketing on social media.

Why do Small Businesses need Social Media? 

There are over 3 billion people who have a social media account. Social media is the best place to grow your business. Having a social media strategy in place can help grow your company. Here are reasons why small businesses need social media:

Customer Service

67% of customers use social media platforms with questions and any problems they have. Having social media can be great for customer service and easier for both the company and the customer. Social media lessens the amount of times a user has to call your company for a quick question or concern. An example of this is through Facebook. There’s a feature where users can send a quick message through Facebook Messenger.

Improve Website Traffic 

Social Media allows companies to receive more website traffic. Your social media sites are essentially just an external link that connects to your website. Users will come across your page and if they are interested, they will soon click on your website. More website clicks means there’s more revenue. Just having a social media account is like a free advertisement on the internet. Your appearance on social media also yields more search results through search engines. This is known as SEO (search engine optimization) and there are many strategies you can use to optimize your business’ presence online. SEO strategies will be discussed later in this article.

Build Brand Awareness

Before social media, the way to grow a business was through word of mouth. However social media is the digital word of mouth now. Making people aware of your company is essential and social media is the place to do it. A successful business will have a social media strategy in place to grow brand awareness. Doing so will also build trust with customers. Engaging with customers through social media will establish trust between them. That’s how you keep the loyal customers who always use your services or product.

Ads Are Easy

No need to put an ad in the newspapers anymore, it can all be done online. Ads are easier than ever through social media. For example Facebook Ads gives you the freedom to post a video, photo, or other digital post. You can target certain demographics and people in different locations. Social media is the most effective place to advertise your business because of the freedom you have. The best part is you can look at all the analytics of who is engaging with the ad and see ways you can improve.

Credit to The Realtime Report.