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Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes recently made headlines with the launch of their new Collision Core Quality App, an in-process, time-stamped, peer-to-peer quality verification and validation tool.

Louisa Martone

In an exclusive interview, BodyShop Business talked with Louisa Martone, strategic marketing director of Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes, about the origins of the app and what it can do for collision repair facilities.BSB: How long did it take to develop the Collision Core Quality App?

LM: The concept of a quality validation and verification application began two years ago while in the discovery phase of a larger, more full-scale program that would help collision centers address problem areas – skill shortage, vehicle complexity, capacity utilization and repair liability – and find the right solutions to optimize business.

Collision Core is an interconnectable suite of intelligent applications that are designed to build strength and stability into the core of a body shop. It is designed to remove silos and connect data, refine and validate processes and waste, and identify root cause and effect.

We opted to launch the quality app first because it’s the foundation of a stable and sustainable business.

Quality is a collaboration between Sherwin-Williams and strategic alliances with industry and non-industry experts keenly focused on creating positive outcomes for our customer base and the industry as a whole with a mobile-based solution like Collision Core.

BSB: Why an app? And why now?

LM: Apps are easy to connect to and provide a tremendously flexible platform for connectivity to other complementary systems, like estimating and management.

Apps also allow for mobility. Collision Core Quality is specifically designed on a mobile platform, removing the unnecessary and costly movement of highly-skilled and highly-compensated technicians through the shop looking for a manager to answer their questions. With the Quality App, the technician can get the answer they need without leaving the work stall. Touch time is king, and our app delivers optimized results.

The advent of systems such as ADAS and the introduction of exotic materials such as aluminum, high-strength steels and composites into the manufacturing of vehicles has made the vehicle repair process much more complex.

Ensuring a repair is completed – and completed correctly – is foundational. Our Collision Core Quality App gives the shop – the technician – the ability to verify and validate the repair by repairer.

BSB: Did you do a pilot test with shops? How did it go?

LM: We conducted extensive field testing to ensure the Collision Core Quality App delivered on measurable outcomes ranging from reduced costs and liability to increased employee and customer satisfaction.

BSB: Is the app only available to Sherwin-Williams Automotive Refinish customers?

LM: No. Quality is an issue for the entire industry. And quality is ‘core’ to the success of any business. We have a vested interest in the industry and made the decision to develop a platform for any shop to use, regardless of who they purchase paint from. We want every shop to replace paper checklists and end-of-repair quality controls with a mobile application that delivers real-time, in-process, time-stamped and validated information.

BSB: Are the reports generated by the app communicated to or shared with insurers?

No, the reports are not shared externally for any type of research purposes. The app comes with a full suite of reports. Being digital and in the palm of your hand, every repair action and reaction is time-stamped, cataloged and categorized. Everyone talks about KPIs, but it’s not just about the cost savings. Demonstrable business improvements (DBIs) drive business improvement, and this includes employee and customer satisfaction and confidence and retention.

With in-process documentation, Collision Core Quality enables peer-to-peer validation throughout the repair process and delivers the customer a digital record of the vehicle repairs. As a technician carries out a task or tasks and records this information in the app, the next technician in line verifies that the work meets shop and OE criteria. And each repair is recorded and photographed to capture data, create training opportunities and allow for a better repair standard now and in the future.

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Credit to Bodyshop Business.