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CRA Insurance News – South Africa


Research by Brand Intelligence® firm Ornico shows an increase in new commercials in the insurance industry with a sample of 228 new commercials in July 2020. This is the highest number of new commercials recorded since February 2020, a month before the original Covid-19 hard lockdown was introduced.

While marketing and advertising budgets were greatly reduced during lockdown and many businesses grappled with expenses, an increase in new commercials in the insurance industry is a positive sign.

Television and radio were favourite mediums with the most newcomer insurance commercials (new executions) followed by print, mobile and others. People have been working from home and travelling less due to Covid-19 restrictions. Hence, it is no surprise then to see outdoor advertising being among the lowest mediums with new executions. Motor vehicle insurance and funeral cover saw the most new ads according to research.

Outsurance and Clientele were by far the biggest spenders across television with their advertising taking up 12,664 of the total 29,130 spots. The industry largely focussed on corporate ads followed by retail commercials (29%) and live reads across all total advertisement types.

Have a look at some of the findings below:

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 Article Credit To Biz Community.