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Two suspects have been arrested after Fox Security responded to the scene of a smash and grab on Kliprivier Road corner N12 in Glenanda early Friday morning, July 24.

According to Elowayne Gouws, Fox Security operations manager, Tactical units responded to calls for backup from Capital Air Reaction members.

“Two suspects were apprehended on the scene where they broke the window of a motorist’s vehicle taking his belongings from the vehicle,” he said.

The suspects were taken to Booysens SAPS by JMPD.

Two smash and grab suspects arrested on Kliprivier Road corner N12 in Glenanda. Photo Supplied.

Smash and grabs can occur anywhere – and at anytime. To help prevent you from being a target of a smash and grab, especially in areas you are not familiar with, follow these guidelines:

First things first – always lock your valuables away in the boot. 

NEVER leave your handbag or valuables on your front seat or the floor of the car while driving!

Be alert and avoid distractions! 

DO NOT look down at your cellphone in your lap and continue texting or reading emails. Using your cellphone while driving is a dangerous distraction – and don’t think you’re safe to use it while you’re waiting at a robot or in standstill traffic. Situational awareness is key to stopping you from being a prime target. Keep your windows closed if you’re wearing valuable jewellery, as perpetrators have been known to snatch necklaces or earrings from drivers stuck in traffic.

Always approach red traffic lights at poorly lit intersections slowly to avoid coming to a complete stop, and to give the traffic lights time to change back to green. If you have to stop, try to leave space between your car and the one in front of you, so that you can swerve out if necessary. Always remain in gear and alert – assailants usually cherry-pick vehicles that are ‘parked in’ and have no exit route, as they are the easier targets.Be wary of strangers or suspicious pedestrians!

Some smash and grab perpetrators work in groups and linger around intersections posing as street vendors or pretending to beg from motorists. This allows them to get close enough to your car and have a look inside to see if there is something worth stealing. Close your windows and if your gut tells you to be suspicious, then listen to it!

Avoid dangerous intersections and driving alone at night! 

Smash and grab thieves often target the same areas, especially if there is poor lighting and plenty of foliage next to the road, which gives them cover.

Protect yourself!

Get smash and grab protective tinting on your car’s windows from a reputable company. Not only does the tinted layer reinforce the strength of your windows, making them harder to break, but it reduces visibility for outsiders looking in, making it harder for thieves to see inside your car.

Get insurance! Having your car’s windows smashed could end up costing you a lot of money. Make sure that your comprehensive car insurance covers you for smash and grab incidents, and that the excess (the first amount payable in a claim) for glass replacement is affordable.

Top Tip!

Remember to update your insurer with the news that you’ve added a “smash and grab” tint onto your car’s windows, as some insurers give discounts on your premiums in return for you taking more precautionary measures against smash and grab theft.

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Article Credit to Southern Courier.