Image: News24 / Duncan Alfreds

CRA Motoring News & Insurance – South Africa

By Janine Van der Post

Expired licences still remain our top focal point this week; motorists are still unsure about the 90-day grace period and what to do about the situation.

If your vehicle, learner’s or driver’s licence expired during the lockdown, you have until the end of August to renew, however, the longer you take to renew the more arrears fees you will need to pay for your vehicle licence.

Many citizens with learner’s licences have been battling to book appointments, and those who have licences expired as of 1 June, are not sure what to do. Traffic services have indicated that learner licences which have expired during the lockdown period of 28 March and 31 May, will get first priority in a bid to clear the backlog.

There’s been confusion about how far you’re allowed to drive during lockdown Level 3, and while traffic officials say we’re only allowed to drive within a five-kilometre radius of our home for essential goods and medical supplies.

The days of having a beer after work and driving home will soon be over – and that’s not just because of the lockdown restrictions. Once South Africa’s strict new zero-tolerance drunk-driving laws have been passed, drivers won’t be allowed to drink alcohol at all plus this new proposed law will also affect your car insurance.

Article Credit to Wheels 24.