Online system to report minor crashes.
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More than 400 minor crashes were reported on the national traffic information’s online system in June.

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) said the system, which was introduced to report accidents for insurance purposes late last year, has seen an increase in the number of people reporting minor crashes in order to claim from their insurers.

The system, according to RTMC spokesperson Simon Zwane, recorded about 300 crashes a month since its launch.

“This online method was first introduced in September last year in order to bring convenience to motorists. The aim was to do away with the unnecessary queuing at the police stations to report a minor crash where people just needed a case number to claim from their insurances. Since this method was introduced we had 300 cases reported every month. It was only now in June that we saw the increase,” Zwane said.

Zwane said the cases might have grown because of the lockdown period.

“This online method is legally binding and recognised by insurance companies. One has to report the incident within 24 hours and if it happens during weekend or a public holiday, they have to report on the next working day,” Zwane said.

He said once a motorist had reported the incident online they will receive a receipt of submission.

“The system will provide a summary PDF that can be emailed to be downloaded by the user for proof of submission. This will include an online crash report (CR) number that will be emailed or sent to the motorist by SMS. The CR number can be used for the submission of insurance claim. The insurance company can request the full crash report from the RTMC,” Zwane said.

Motorists who wish to report minor crashes online can go to eNatis online services. Zwane said a crash reported online should not involve an injury or death. He said the online system has an interactive map which can be used to pin point where the accident happened.

“It should involve less than five cars. A motorist can report a crash with a minimum of one vehicle and a maximum of four cars. They will also be required to complete the details of other drivers and vehicles involved in the crash. If there are five or more vehicles involved, then police should come and take the statements,” Zwane said.

Once the motorists have registered their details on the system, they cannot change or edit the information.

“Motorists should know that they cannot edit crash information after submitting. To make any amendments they will have to go to the police station and complete an official accident report document with an affidavit stating as to why they are changing their statement.”

The system can be accessed on

Article Credit to Sowetan Live.