2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet. Image: Mercedes-Benz Media

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By Charlen Raymond

 Mercedes-Benz reveals its new E-Class coupé and cabriolet

 Both petrol and diesel engines are on offer, in four- and six-cylinder guises

 The interiors’ combine contemporary style with sporty luxury’

In May 2020, Mercedes-Benz revealed the newest additions to its product portfolio. Available in both coupé and cabriolet, the new E-Class looks to raise the bar again in terms of technological innovations and occupant comfort.

The reveal took place simultaneously with that of the new E 53, also available in these two body shapes. The E-Class coupé and cabriolet now feature a heavily revised front-end, with the LED High-Performance headlights wrapping around it. Mercedes-Benz says that while these headlamps are impressive, buyers can specify the optional Multibeam LED versions.

Four new colours are available to the E-Class coupé and cabriolet, called High-tech Silver, Graphite Grey Metallic, Majove Silver, and Patagonia Red.

Uprated interiors

Where the E-Class range has always shone, was in the interior department. The new model is no different, and will again push the envelope. Mercedes-Benz says that the deliberate use of high-end materials was used to create the high-class appeal.

Buyers can opt to kit their interiors with open-pore grey ash wood and aluminium with light carbon-fibre grain.

What should be particularly intriguing is that the driver seat now comes with an auto-adjust function. Drivers only need to enter their height on the media display or via Mercedes Me, and the seat will move into a position fit for said height – or close enough to the ideal position.

A range of leather options are available, as well as sun-reflecting leather for the cabriolet.

Mercedes-Benz, E-Class,Coupé,Coupe,Cabriolet,
2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet. Image: Mercedes-Benz Media

New technologies (in a nutshell)

The new E-Class range, including the coupé and cabriolet models, will again introduce new technologies. The Driving Assistance Package is a comprehensive package that features a variety of features that aid and promote overall safety.

Active Brake Assist is an autonomous braking system that will apply the brakes when it senses a collision. It will either prevent said contact or try and mitigate the severity. Mercedes-Benz’s MBUX multimedia system is standard and includes two 26cm screens next to each other. Two 31.2cm screens are optionally available. Energizing Coach is another new feature that aims to look after an occupant’s wellbeing. It uses musical and lighting moods and massage functions, to cater to an individual’s requirements.

Urban Guard offers vehicle protection against many forms of crime. If the car is towed illegally or broken into, sensors will notify the driver via the Mercedes Me app and pinpoint the car’s location.

Mercedes-Benz, E-Class,Coupé,Coupe,Cabriolet,
2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet. Image: Mercedes-Benz Media

Engines and arrival

As it stands, bar the E 53 AMG and E 63 AMG, seven models will make up each of the coupé and cabriolet ranges – three diesel and four petrol. Four- and six-cylinder engines are available, all mated with the automaker’s nine-speed automatic gearbox.

Rear- and all-wheel-drive models are available.

The four petrol models are fitted with an additional 48-volt partial electric system. Depending on the model, this system, known as EQ Boost, will add extra power to the drivetrain while aiding overall fuel economy.

In due course, Mercedes-Benz South Africa will announce which models will be making their way to our shores

Mercedes-Benz E-Class coupé & cabriolet

The new E-Class coupé and cabriolet range, excluding AMG models

E220dE200d 4MaticE400d 4MaticE200E200 4MaticE300E450 4Matic
Engine cylinders / position4/in-line4/in-line6/in-line4/in-line4/in-line4/in-line6/in-line
Displacement (cc)1950195029251991199119912999
Power (kW)143143250145145190270
Add. Power with EQ Boost10101016
Torque (Nm)400400700320320370500
Add. Torque with EQ Boost150150150250

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