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By Charmaine Slater

Gauteng has seen the highest compliance with the lockdown if we consider trip data, at a reduction in trips by 65 per cent.

MiX Telematics released statistics that indicate that the lockdown has had a positive effect on vehicle crime and road-related incidents mainly due to the 74 per cent decline in vehicle usage and the heightened visibility of police.

As expected, the restrictions on public movement and alcohol consumption have resulted in certain types of crime being reduced, but it has also resulted in other types of crime increasing.

Unemployment, food shortages and crime-syndicates adjusting their activities all have an impact on ongoing crime.

Insights from MiX data show that vehicle theft and hijacking incidents were down by 76 per cent during the lockdown.

There has also been a 70 per cent decline in alerts on the Matrix tracking platform for vehicles entering high-risk zones, border alerts and GeoLock alerts.

Trip data from Matrix motorists show that 53 per cent are now driving distances less than 5km during the lockdown, with the number of motorists driving further than 20km halved during the lockdown.

Gauteng has seen the highest compliance with the lockdown if we consider trip data, at a reduction in trips by 65 per cent, followed by the Western Cape with 61 per cent and the Free State with 56 per cent.

Data from commercial vehicles being monitored has shown a significant decline in truck accidents with a 66 per cent reduction and also in panic alerts by truck drivers with a 52 per cent reduction.

Other driving event alerts like entering no-go border zones, dashboard tampering and disconnected power have also declined.

“Overall, MiX is monitoring almost 600 000 vehicles in South Africa, of which 250 000 are commercial vehicles,” said Gert Pretorius, MD for MiX Telematics Africa.

MiX has a large number of clients delivering fast-moving consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and other essential products and services during the lockdown.

“We applaud the supply chain and trucking industry which has risen to the challenge forced on it by the lockdown.

“It has a critical role to play in the country’s economy.

“As the phased easing of the lockdown regulations commences and more motorists get back on the roads, we are likely to see an increase in driving incidents and vehicle theft once again,” said Pretorius.

Article Credit to Bedfordview Edenvale News.