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BRITISH holidaymakers could still enjoy trips to Europe this summer despite the coronavirus pandemic, according to the vice-president of the European Commission.

Margrethe Vestager provided encouragement to Britons wanting to go abroad for their summer holidays, when she said travel to Europe “can be done safely”. Her comments contradict those made by the UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who earlier this week said that Britons would more likely than not have to forgo any international travel this year. Ms Vestager was appearing on BBC Radio 4’s World at One programme on Thursday, when she was asked about the likelihood of UK holiday makers heading to Europe to enjoy some relaxation in the summer.

She replied: “I would hope so. I think that there’s discussion over it at every dinner table in Europe, and probably also in the UK.

“We really need a break from this [crisis].

“Can we go as we planned, or will we have to stay within the borders of our home country?

“We think that it can be done safely.”

She pointed to the fact that Germany would start easing its border controls with Austria, France and Switzerland from Saturday, before aiming to restore free travel by June 15.

The European Commission has urged a return to “unrestricted free movement” within Europe.

Officials are drawing up plans to facilitate international travel, in a bid to save Europe’s tourism industry.

These include requiring face masks on airplanes and social distancing on trains.

They are also considering the use of robots armed with infra-red cameras to measure temperatures to spot sick travellers and to ensure social distancing measures are respected.

The proposals require airlines and airports to reorganise check-ins and luggage pickups to avoid crowds.

However, airline companies do not need to leave middle seats empty on flights.

Tourism is a vital industry for many European countries, contributing billions of Euros to GDP.

Credit to Express.