CRA Innovation & Technology Explored – USA

By Matt de Prez

Mazda has launched a new photo-based accident damage estimation service that allows Mazda owners to receive a fast quotation for a car repair from a Mazda authorised bodyshop.

Customers can obtain a free no-obligation quote via the new Accident Damage Repair portal – on the Mazda website – to report damage and get an estimate.

“A customer can, at any time switch to use their insurer should the repair be significant, however with the launch of the new Accident Damage Repair Portal we’re able to provide our customers with the relevant knowledge in advance to help make that important decision.” explains David Wilson-Green, customer service director at Mazda Motors UK.

The service can quote for any type of repair, from a car park dent to major damage.

The Mazda Approved Accident Repair centre will also check whether the vehicle has any outstanding safety recalls, and if required, these will be completed at the same time as the repair.

Wilson-Green added: “This new Accident Damage Repair Portal allows our customers to get an estimate of repair costs to their vehicle quickly from the comfort of their home. It’s worth noting that in the current COVID-19 situation, the speed of response will be impacted by the fact that only around 30% of approved repairers are open and they are operating in-line with current government guidelines. 

“However, most importantly whether in the current unprecedented times or once we are at full capacity again in the future, this is a programme that puts the customer first and is designed to offer something extra to drivers of Mazdas of any age or type.”

The new Accident Damage Repair portal forms part of a range of accident aftercare services offered by Mazda. Other services and offers include Mazda Excess Return and Call Mazda First, a free 24-hour accident aftercare service for any Mazda driver involved in a vehicle collision.

Credit to AMOnline.