By Hanna Freedman

  • Nearly half the planet is currently on lockdown due to the novel Coronavirus, which has interrupted travel on a global scale.
  • To help satisfy wanderlust, we’ve rounded up 18 of the best travel books that will help whisk you away to the far corners of the globe from the comfort of your couch.
  • Our book selections span varied categories for readers of all types, including coffee table books, fiction, nonfiction, cookbooks, and coloring books.

Due to the effects of the novel Coronavirus, almost 4 billion people are currently on lockdown. The travel industry has felt the impact of this from flight and hotel cancellations to travelers putting a pause on planning any future adventures. 

We encourage following the precautions outlined by the CDC and WHO, which means practicing safe social distancing and minimizing any unnecessary travel. 

However, you can still fulfill wanderlust from the comforts of your living room. We’ve rounded up the best travel books that are sure to inspire new spots to add to your bucket list and head out on page-turning journeys. We chose these books based on reader reviews from Amazon and Goodreads, and also included some of our own personal favorites and top picks from fellow travelers.

Our list of the best travel books is broken down by category to help inspire readers of all types, including coffee table glossies with gorgeous images, scintillating fiction, nonfiction epics, cookbooks to eat your way around the world, and coloring books that will help ease anxiety while bringing famous spots to life. 

And don’t worry, if you’re looking for more traditional travel guidebooks, we have a list of those for you, too. 

Here are 18 books to satiate wanderlust and take you around the world without leaving your couch:

Credit to Business Insider.