CRA Global Training Explored – Canada

Toronto, Ontario — While I-CAR has suspended all of its live and in-shop training sessions until Apr. 6, its online and virtual instructor-led and web-delivered options are still readily available on the organization’s website.

A COVID-19 slowdown could provide ample opportunity for shops to brush up on their certification requirements. I-CAR has more than 239 online courses that cover a large portion of the ProLevel 1 through ProLevel 3 training requirements, plus vehicle-specific, technology-specific, ADAS, electric, diagnostics, mechanical and production management topics.

It also offers more than 20 virtual courses covering ProLevel 1 through ProLevel 3 knowledge areas—and all of the aforementioned courses either count toward your ProLevel Training or Annual Training requirements required for Platinum and Gold Class.

All courses are accessible via your myI-CAR account.

The customer care team at I-CAR remains available if you have any questions, and the technical support team is able to connect you with comprehensive collision repair technical resources, according to the organization.

Click here for more information on I-CAR’s operations amid the outbreak.

Credit to CollisionRepairmag.