Angel Castellanos (credit: CBS)

CRA Travel Tips

The prospect of packing before a trip can be overwhelming, but travel blogger Angel Castellanos suggests it doesn’t have to be.

“Packing should be the last thing you worry about when traveling,” said Castellanos.

Castellanos’s travels through the years have taken him to destinations in more than 90 countries.

“If you’re a fold and roll person, I think this is the way to go,” he said while using luggage and packing cubes from Denver-based Eagle Creek to demonstrate how he packs for a trip.

“I like to show my audience what they can fit into a carry on for two weeks,” he said pointing to the small suitcase which get stowed in the overhead bin.

Packing cubes not only separate types of items, but can zip down to free up even more space.

(credit: CBS)

“You organize all of your luggage, everything is nice and tidy and you really are taking all of the work out of packing,” he said pointing out how the cubes fit perfectly together in the suitcase.

Executing proper packing technique can free up both time and money, both of which, he suggests, could be better used on your next adventure.

“I always say that people should be traveling as if their next vacation is the next best trip of their life,” he said.

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