Studies conducted by CDK Global, Inc., a leading retail automotive technology company, provide material support for the expansion of CX roles within dealerships, the value of hiring women into them and the illumination of a CX growth path that can translate to big wins for dealers, their customers and women in automotive.

It was found that:

  • CX managers serve as cross-functional resources, responsible for resolving customer problems, gathering and understanding customer data, personalising experiences and making customers feel comfortable.
  • The female CX managers interviewed attributed their success in the role to certain leadership traits and behaviors, such as compassion, empathy and communication, including deep customer listening.
  • CX roles vary by dealership CX maturity. From tactical and operational roles to leaders and strategic partners, illuminating a potential career trajectory for women.

Other benefits include:

  • Customers who interacted with a CX manager were significantly more likely to recommend a dealership than those who did not.
    • Measured using Net Promoter Score (NPS), the impact is magnified for female customers (+25 NPS) compared to male customers (+12 NPS).
  • Of those interacting with a CX manager, nearly all found the role to be very or extremely important (94 percent) and reported high likelihood of repeating business with the store visited in the future (97 percent).

Customer experience should be a focus point for all businesses. There is a significant opportunity and long-term benefit to expand the number of female CX manager roles in the collision repairer industry.

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